Saturday, September 22, 2012

Fall TV Preview--SATURDAY

And now we come to the end of our blogging TV preview journey.And sadly, that journey ends with

As Dean already pointed out in his cable review, Saturday is a terrible day for television--unless you like college football. But college football doesn't last all year, so what are you going to do the rest of the year on this day? Here are some tips from me to you:

  1. Read more books--Back before television, people enjoyed reading to escape into imaginary worlds. If you don't know where to find books for free, find a local library near you.
  2. Get outside more--Similarly, you could enjoy the outdoors. Perhaps this Web site might give you help in finding parks that are available? (But my apologies if this information is out-of-date. Since parks are publicly funded, you never know when they might fall into disrepair and be unusable.) But if you can ride a bike to the potential park location, you'll get some outdoor exercise even if the final destination is not to your liking.
(And, yes, I'm aware that I need to follow my own advice more on this front.)

If you don't like these options, why not become a blogger? We can be digital friends and blog about the exciting lives we lead? You can filter your daily experiences through your mind, wondering if it might be something interesting to write about. And then you won't remember to write down those thoughts and you'll forget to set aside some time to write and then your new blog won't get used as much and . . . well, we can complain about it together.

So, find something interesting to do on a Saturday. It's not always about TV.

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