Wednesday, August 18, 2010

BEDAu Day 18: Flotsam or jetsam?

I'm glad you asked, because I've thought about this a lot in the last week and I'm ready to admit it now.

I'm a jetsam man.

Jetsam has been taking it on the chin to flotsam for so long. (I think jetsam was last popular back in the 1920s when ladies were dames and when legs were gams and when alcohol was hooch.)

Clearly, its been too long since jetsam had its day. Jetsam has been second banana for too long and I am ready to see this change.

Jetsam has a style that I think suits the zeitgeist. It seems more hip, more now, more ready for the digital age. Flotsam is just so . . . analog, you know?

I'll do my best to make jetsam the new and hip thing that is gonna take the world by storm.

Are you with me?

Anyway, that's my answer.

Thanks for asking.

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