Thursday, August 26, 2010

BEDAu Day 26: Round and Round

The weather has improved mightily the last few days, so the family is working harder to get out after dinner and walk. We don't go far, just up or down the street, or down around the corner. Tonight we walked over to the middle school to walk on the track for a change.

As we walked round and round, the Pee Wee football teams were out on the grass working on their formations and such. I didn't pay lots of attention, but did find it interesting to some degree. I never played football at any point in my youth and with three girls, I don't expect to see much of it soon.

As we walked around the track, the kids sometimes walked with us and sometimes they played in the sand pit of the long jump. One time, as we were all walking around, I looked down at the lane number painted on the rubberized asphalt: 6.

It got me to thinking. Suddenly and randomly, I called out to Grace--what is your favorite number?

She hesitated for a minute and then said 8. When I asked her why, she hesitated again and then changed her answer to 1. I asked her why again and she told me "When there is only 1, you can do whatever you want." I thought that was an apt answer that probably spoke to something deep in Grace's personality.

So I posed the same question to Sarah. Her immediate answer was 11. I was puzzled, so I asked her the same follow up question . . . why?

Again, with no hesitation, she said: "Because when you turn eleven, you can go to Hogwarts."

Of course . . . I should have realized. And, again, apt.

Not to leave anyone out (except for Hannah, who is a bit young to play the game) I asked Lynda. Her answer was the same as mine--6. But we have different reasons.

Lynda's favorite number has always been 6 because she has always liked something about its shape, some vague appreciation of the curve of it.

I have always liked 6 because I grew up in a family of six, of which I was the sixth member. And, whenever we played Yahtzee, I always wanted to roll sixes. It probably has something to do with the pattern of six dots on the die face that also appeals to me.

So, here is my unsolicited question to you. What is YOUR favorite number and can you give a reason why? Please leave your answers in the comments.

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Sven Golly said...

I'm partial to 8. I love the symmetry, the extreme evenness and stasis, though I'm drawn to the more dynamic 7 and the mysterious, exotic 9.