Thursday, July 08, 2010

Go vote for Coastal Plains CASA

Learn more about CASA via:

Go vote for Coastal Plain CASA in the Chase Community Giving competition via this link.


GregM said...

Hey! Hey! The link is down here! :)

This is awesome, Dave! Thanks very much. I might make a minor distinction that we provide social service rather than legal advocacy - we're not attorneys - but why quibble?

Point is, I really appreciate you getting behind this effort. You're right that I (and many others) have worked very hard.

Now for the voting instructions - Five Clicks for Foster Kids: Click the link, click 'Like', click the lower green bar of two in the upper right, click 'Allow', click 'Vote now'. At some point, you'll be asked to log in to Fb. That's it! Really just a few seconds.

Thanks, Dave, and thanks to anyone who votes Coastal Plain CASA!

David said...

Thanks for the clarifications Greg. (I should leave the advocacy to the people that know it best.)

Go, go!