Saturday, April 03, 2010

There's Finally a Dock to Turn iPhones Into Corded Desk Phones [Retromodo]

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At lunch a few months ago, my work colleagues and I were talking about how cell phones provide one distinct disadvantage with regards to old, corded phones. When you were angry at someone during a phone call, you could slam a corded phone back into the cradle and get two bits of satisfaction: 1. the person on the other end got an ear-full of "SLAM" and 2.) you got the tactile feeling of dissipating your anger.

With a clamshell cell phone you can only close the phone like a locket, missing the essential force and sound of an angry hang up. And with a fancy smart phone like the iPhone? Well . . . you'll just shatter the face and you'll have to face the reality of $$$ wasted and anger management classes needed.

Well, my friends and I decided to fix that. We were going to develop an iPhone app that allowed you to push a button that sent a loud noise to the person on the other end, giving them that SLAM they so richly deserve and it would also use the vibration feature of the cell phone to give you the satisfactory tactile feedback that you want on your end.

Great idea, right?

Well, it looks like we waited too long and someone beat us to a similar idea.

(Click on the post title to be take to a linked story describing the Desk Phone iPhone dock.)

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Lefty Advocate said...

Oh no! We waited too long!

Kelly Ball said...

This serves as a cautionary tale that I need to jump on my "kitty slings" concept before someone hijacks it!