Saturday, April 17, 2010

Italy or Denmark? Be honest.

The first thing that I'll be honest about when answering this question is that I'm not sure why I wouldn't be honest in the first place. Is there some sort of burning rivalry between Italy and Denmark that I don't want to get mixed up in?


Well, I suspect that the answer to this question will reveal some important facet of my inner personality--some part of me that I desperately want to keep hidden from public view, but will be inexorably revealed by my choice. If I choose Italy, am I a seeker of power? Or does Italy reflect a deep-seated conservatism that simply won't be denied? On the other hand . . . if I choose Denmark, am I revealing to the world that I just want to have fun and damn all the cares of responsibility? Is it a northern climate versus a southern climate thing? Northern Europe versus Southern Europe? Staid versus hip? Ancient versus modern? Earth versus water? Swarthy and stolid versus nubile and fair?

I'm sure you won't be stunned that I pick Italy.


Italy carries with it the promise of stellar food, fantastic ruins, history at every turn, museums and art. And while I know that Denmark can offer all of that . . . in addition to what I am sure is some particularly awesome post-modern architecture . . . I still would not miss the chance to go to Italy. Because if I had the opportunity to actually go, I'd want to go there MORE than I'd want to go to Denmark . . . because I might never get another chance. And if a chance to go to Italy was missed, I'd be more sad to miss it than I would be sad to miss Denmark.

Anyway, that's my answer.

Thanks for asking.

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