Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Sarah's Beautiful Books

Sarah has a blog . . . have I told you that?

She wanted to create one a few months ago and I showed her how to set something up. I swear I didn't push for it and I don't pester her to write on it.

(You can see from this link that she doesn't go on it excessively, which I think is a good thing.)

She does the typing, with the exception of 1) the "Enchanted" movie review and 2) the most recent post, "Winter Wonderland"--which was originally a handwritten story that includes some illustrations that I may scan in later. I felt it was too long for her to type in alone.

Anyway, I've placed a link to it in my own list of sites in the right sidebar. If she places anything especially interesting over there, I'll probably mention it.

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