Sunday, December 16, 2007

Here they come a-caroling

Tonight we went to church for the Christmas children's "pageant." I put that in quotation marks because this is not the typical manger play. In what I feel was a good move, the organizer decided to simplify things by just getting the kids to learn some traditional religious carols and we all sang together, then had cookies and cocoa.

One additional nice touch was that in between each carol, the kids read little historical vignettes about when the carol was first written or the circumstance behind the writing. Sarah got to read one of the parts. I think she did a great job. Though the quality of my camera-produced video isn't very good, you can also see Grace singing along on the right side of the stage (Stage Left is, I think the technical term?). She got to carry a lantern in, which she was very excited about.

I'll apologize in advance for the singing that you'll probably pick up. I was trying to sing quietly, but we parents wanted to participate in solidarity with the kids--especiall since they were trying to sing from memory and we had printed words.

(The kids were wearing hats and gloves not because the heat wasn't working, but because we were trying to mimicking carolers walking around at night.)

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