Thursday, November 08, 2007

New Look . . .

Do you like it?

I am sort of tired of the old Minimalistic white thing.

(Don't worry, I saved the HTML text so I can recall it if I find that this one doesn't work the way I want.)

(At least, I think I saved it.)

Of course, there is some customization to be done, and I don't think I'll do it all today.

Give me feedback. As always, I am at your service.


David said...

Yes, it is probably not a coincidence that I suddenly chose to radically change my blog appearance at the same time that James Lileks rolled out his own complete redesign.

I can only promise that I didn't look at his pages and say out loud "I need to change my blog's appearance."

Is it more understandable if I did it subconsciously?

Sven Golly said...

Great color, nice motto, I like it.

David said...

Hey thanks about the motto comment.

Because I'm insecure, I'll break the cardinal rule of comedy and explain my joke . . . that the site is non-pornographic when juxtaposed with the vaguely pornographic phrase WWYG.

(Because you might imagine my site coming up on a search for . . . well, never mind.)

Anonymous said...

i still don't get the joke. 'xplain more.

i like the new look. nice colors, clean but not overly minimalistic. i'm a little concerned the type is a bit dark (ie, too little contrast), but upon a quick test read it seemed pretty readable.

just kidding, you don't have to explain the joke more.

David said...

I won't explain the motto anymore because I'll likely change the motto from time to time.

Then I'll have to explain all over again.

Anonymous said...

I like it!

Which reminds me of my own blog.... Remember when a google search of "rural fetish" used to pull up all kinds of weird pornography?

Guess what it pulls up now!

It seems as if the world just can't get enough Republicans and meat.