Friday, April 20, 2007

Strange Things to Think About at Work

1. When you work on the top floor of a building, you only get one option when you are selecting an elevator--up button when you arrive in the morning and down button when you leave at night. That's why it was mildly jarring earlier when I elected to ride the elevator from the second floor and saw that there were TWO buttons for me to choose from.

2. Sometimes, walking between cubicle rows, you get to a hard right (or left) turn. Our building has decided to put curved mirrors or half domes in these areas to give the pedestrian office worker information about what/who is coming around the blind corner. But, due to the nature of these curved mirrors, you see what you are heading towards rather than where you have come from.

In these instances, I pretend that I am a vampire that casts no reflection.

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