Sunday, April 15, 2007

The home and other stuff

It's been another busy time of home renewal around the WWYG?! manse lately.

We finally got our radon mitigated (and I'm sure you know what THAT is all about). While that was being done, we also decided to upgrade some of our electrical systems. Unfortunately, that sounds like we are putting in dedicated AV wire or installing some sort of fancy home theater down in the basement. No such luck . . . we're just upgrading some our our outlets around the sink and correcting some "creative" wiring" and extension cording that the previous owners had utilized in the garage. These are things we've been meaning to do since we moved in, but the grind of living and the drain of money made it less likely until now.

So, were living high on the hog with fancy ground fault interruptor sockets. Somebody call MTV "Cribs" quick.

But, more momentous home news is still to follow! Colleague and all around good person Sven Golly lent me a hand (and a truck) yesterday to get our old stove out of the garage and over to the Habitat for Humanity "Build it Again Center." The truckload also included some old spare doors, staircase spindles, and random shutters from some unknown past.

I am glad to have that corner of my garage free now and will soon be ready to cram it full of other stuff--probably kids bikes, or the new lawnmower, or something else. And once our second winter decides to go away, I'll be able to get the many bags of mulch out of my driveway and park the red car back in the garage again.

So, things are looking up in that area of life.

Work is, of course, maddening and stressful and worrsome. I spent a few hours at the office today--which I am VERY loathe to ever do--but I am doing something fun this evening with friends from church and so I knew that if I didn't do it then, I'd never get enough done later tonight. (I didn't get to work much last night as we were babysitting for the neighbors--which is good, since we'll need to cash in on that once Spiderman 3 comes out in a few weeks.)

Spiderman 3! I have YET to begin sending email reminders to my friends about a theatrical viewing event, which is a shameful oversight on my part. This is something I have done for many years at work and my responsibilities as a breadwinner and productive editor have seriously impacted my ability to be frivolous this year. I've got to get some of my childish mojo back and reinvigorate my inner love for Tobey and all things Spidey!

I think I'll head out into the garage now and begin straightening while Lynda is taking Sarah to get her dance photos made. (Don't worry, I'll post them when they are available . . . as long as her dance studio-approved makeup scheme doesn't make her look like a backup singer for that Robert Palmer video . . . "shudder".

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