Thursday, October 05, 2006

LOST last night

I had a little LOST season 3 premiere party last night.

It gave the the opportunity to wear my Dharma Initiative t-shirt. Maybe the shirt (and the first five minutes) were influencing me to feel sympathetic towards the Others, and I ended the show with a vague acceptance of them.

But this morning while brushing my teeth, I began to realize that no matter how nice Juliette appears, she's still taking orders from the evil Ben/Henry Gale. That can't be good!

So, the Others are still sinister.

I'll give more reactions maybe tonight . . . but right now I've gotta get back to pushing my buttons.

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David said...

Sadly, work has intruded and my sense of honor has cut into my blogging lately.

Jack, I'm afraid that we shall never see eye-to-eye on LOST ever again. You have turned away from the show while I remain content to continue drinking the Kool-Aid. I understand your frustrations and your belief that there is no Master Plan and that Lindelof and Cuse are making it up as they go. I understand that this is dangerous, from a "Satisfying Conclusion" point of view.

But, as I said, I remain a supporter. The show continues to intrigue me and the characters continue to interest me. I sometimes do worry that the final conclusion, if ans when it ever occurs, won't satisfy . . . but I receive enjoyment week-to-week.

I will try to do better in broadcasting my reactions in upcoming weeks--WWYG?! Omnimedia needs to have SOME useful purpose.