Thursday, October 26, 2006

Feeling LOST

I'll talk about last night's episode sometime, but what I'm really here to talk about now is the preview for next week's episode, entitled "The Cost of Living."

This might get spoilerific, so if you DON'T WANT TO GET SPOILED, THEN STOP READING NOW!!

The promo talked about "two episodes left" (until the hiatus till February) and "the Island" getting restless.

But the image at the end is what is controversial and disturbing. Last night, it looked for all the world like an alien down in the hatch. I had scary fears of this episode being written by M. Night Shyamalan or other horrible fears.

After watching the promo and seeing some stills (which you can also if you follow this link), I am a bit more at ease. Certainly, M. Night isn't involved (that was only a joke on my part) but the imagery doesn't look like an alien.

The brief synopsis that I've seen tell me that this is an Eko-centric episode, in which he "deals with the demons in his past." Are the mysterious figures seen on the hatch screens Eko's demons?

Let's hope that is what they are . . . cause if it IS aliens, then I'm throwing my LOST DVDs away and burning my TV.

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