Saturday, May 28, 2005

The long hot summer

It's Memorial Day weekend. What are YOU doing?

Me? I'm contemplating a summer without original network programming. LOST is over, Smallville too, Desperate Housewives, whoop-dee-do? So, now what to do?

Maybe some long-delayed quality time with my kids. (I've just been informed that I have two of them and neither one is named "Hurley" or "Lex," or even "Chloe." So, clearly I've got some catching up to do.

But, there is still work to be done. My office job will be heating up as the summer rolls along and it's clear that I've got some skillz to pay my bills. So, there is always that. But since Memorial Day is the semi-official start of the summer season, then that means finding other things to do than watch TV.

But that doesn't mean I won't be writing about it. The networks have been busily deciding what new shows to promote for fall release and then kill by Halloween. So, I've got a duty to tell you about them before you find out they died a public, shameful death.

Look for reports on the network "upfront" meetings, which have occurred in the last few weeks. You'll get links to show information written by people on other websites that are better writers on this stuff than me. But I'll toss in my 1.5 cents when I feel more discussion is needed. Of course, you can get this information from just about anywhere, but why not get it from me? Who ya gonna trust? National media or some guy that won't even give out his real name?

So, there is that to look forward to. And there will be more to discuss as the summer rolls along. Reviews of summer movies, if Tegan and I can get to any. (Star Wars, Episode III: Revenge of the Sith will be viewed next week.) And later this summer T and I will be visiting in San Francisco for our surgery-delayed 10th anniversary trip. We'll have a laptop by then, so I might be posting audioblogs while we walk through Chinatown or typing up quick entries while driving through Napa Valley. The possibilities are endless really.

And there will be more things besides.

Come to think of it, this entry is sort of my WWYG?! upfront. A promise of things to come. Let's hope some of it comes true.

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