Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Big doin's

First of all, I can announce that our roof was totally redone all in one day--today! The workers showed up this morning about 7:15 and promptly started tearing off the old shingles. By the time we got home from work this evening, it was all over. A new roof, in one day, courtesy of the fine folks at Scott Roofing. Call 231-ROOF the next time YOU need roofing repairs. Our roof is so neat and clean, you can eat off of it. Come on over everyone and eat off of my roof! (So, that means goodbye item #1 on my list of 101 in 1001. Woo Hoo!!)

Second, can I admit something? Newsweek has recently instituted something in its magazines--a weekly page called The Technologist, where Steven Levy talks about new digital advances, new consumer technologies on the market, etc., etc. Well, there is also a recurring item on this page called "Blog Watch." While I feel absolutely ludicrous saying this, each week I open the magazine and wonder if WWYG?! will be mentioned. Isn't that the stupidest thing that I have ever committed to disk space on this blog? (At least until I type a little further in this post.) It wouldn't be so bad if every week there wasn't mention of someone's blog that is hosted by Blogger on blogspot. Never mind that Blogger (owned by Google) is probably the most widely used hosting area by the blogging public. It's one-stop shopping, the Ford of the blog-o-verse. I mean, if I started here, then that tells you something. But I digress . . .

Third, I must confess that today was an interesting day at work. I found out that I am in charge of a great deal of stuff for the next several months (and when I mean a lot, I mean EVERYTHING). While most of my departmental colleagues are planning ahead for another year down the road, I have been given management of all the products to be completed by the start of January. While the total number of items seems large (and the myriad of details and items to track and complete IS large) the volume of completely brand new stuff is not so daunting--or so I chant softly to myself starting . . . NOW.

I am gratified by the trust placed in me, which I will now show should be revoked by making a mockery of the entire affair . . . by ushering in the

(or, if you like, the year of the Burb)

If I am in charge then let's do it up Burb style, what do you say? A great deal of awesomely bad ideas floated through my head today--Burb-a-palooza tee shirts was a instant notion. There is a great picture of Hayden Christiansen (that's Darth Vader to the rest of you) in last week's Newsweek that I could use to make great tee shirts. Imagine this:
On the front, this image of Vader's head and the phrase "Sith Happens"

On the back it could say "Join the Dark Side: Burb-a-palooza 2K7"

But, if tee shirts aren't your bag, then how about slogans? Here are some that I thought of (and if you don't get some of these jokes, my apologies. Email me and I'll:try to explain the reference.):
1. All Surly Burb, all the time.
2. Please Burb, don't hurt 'em.
3. Sweater vests and crack for everyone!
4. R.O.C.K. in the PRPL 33 (think John Cougar Mellencamp)
5. Burb-a-palooza . . . if not now, when?
6. You say tomato; I say booyah! You say potato; I say booyah!
7. 2007: My year (and therefore your year) in HELL!
9. Burb-a-palooza: It makes the Third Reich look cuddly!

So, yeah . . . I didn't say they were any good, just that I had thought about it. But I've got other ideas. I found a cardboard Burger King crown that my kids recently picked up and was trying to think of a funny way to work the idea of a crown into the whole humiliating effort when I noticed a web-site printed on the side of the crown above the weirdly shaped cartoon characters.

Since I am unable to pass up the chance to visit an unknown website, I checked it out. It's rather odd, but honest in its efforts to brainwash.

So, anyway, that's it for now. Keep checking back here . . . your official site on the information superhighway for the ongoing excitement that is

Burb-a-palooza 2K7!!!

(Honestly, if I don't stop writing crap like this, I'll never get noticed by Newsweek.)

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