Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Wow!!! I can't believe this turn of events

I haven't read much about this, but I simply HAD to link this on my blog immediately.

I often make references to that great Patrick Swayze movie, Road House.

Why? Well, I don't know really. Its not the kind of movie people typically reference, so that appeals to me. It makes me think of my brother MuleSkinner, who introduced me to it . . . though I don't think he believes it is fine cinema or anything.

And besides, how many cheesy 80s movie involve bare-chested Swayze, a mullet, and someone having their larynx ripped out? (Well, many feature the first two, but no one but RH features the last.)

So, feast your eyes on THIS!

(Why do I feel completely vindicated?)

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flipper said...

Sometimes I actually wake up at night worrying about you. Tonight I may wake up screaming.