Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Slate x 2

Two items from this morning:

1. An additional viewpoint on the myth of perfect motherhood. Lulu did such a good job of responding to my last post on this topic that no one else felt the need to share. Maybe you have something to venture now?

2. This article tricked me with its title Your i-Pod is worth $1 billion. Now, I don't have an i-Pod, but I was intrigued. Was it Steve Job's personal machine with platinum gears? How? But it turns out to be much less intriguing. Undaunted, I link to it anyway . . . because I made a decision to do so, and I shall not go back on that decision!!

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David said...

For even more on the struggle for perfection . . . see this article from one of the DHAKs, who also writes for (

Sure, the poor girl is deluding herself, tongue-in-cheek or not, but it does illustrate the madness.