Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Working at home

I sometimes really try to get work done at home . . . really I do.

It's just so hard, you know? You spend one-third of your day in a place trying to get something accomplished. Then you stop, start up the rest of your life, and somehow try to find time to get a bit of work squeezed in there as well? Too hard.

And some days of the week are better than others for extra-curricular work. Mondays is usually a good day to try, and I did accomplish a little bit last night. (Another problem I have is that I very often set too large a goal when I take stuff home.)

Tuesdays are not good. We have a weekly Bible study get together with old church friends and by the time we get home it is late and I am too tired.

Wednesdays is TV night: Lost, Alias, Smallville. I mean, come on, you can't work when that is going on!

Thursdays is a possible night for some work. I am a pretty faithful CSI viewer, so that makes it difficult.

Fridays is the one night of the week when you shouldn't at all feel guilty about not even considering work.

And all of these brief thoughts don't even take into consideration the kids, dinner, etc. By the time we get home, make dinner, eat dinner, and clean up after dinner, it is almost 7 pm. Then it is usually get the kids washed up, in pajamas, and a little bit of play time before we have to get them to bed. Ruth is down by approximately 7:30, but Ariel lingers until we can leave her in her room at about 8:30--after brushing teeth, reading stories, saying prayers, etc.

So, by the time all the parental duties are completed, it is about 8:30, or close to 9 pm. And good luck having energy and mental sharpness to do anything effective and meaningful at that point.

Weekends of course is another time to work, and we sometimes do. But Ariel doesn't take afternoon naps anymore, so there is no time when both kids are asleep and you can be sufficiently alone to concentrate. (Unless you let Ariel watch a movie or something.)

But, I try to find a little time during the week and weekend to do a bit of work. It makes me feel that I am giving extra effort to make the project get finished.

I don't want to work at home. It's not good for me or for my family. But sometimes I try.

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David said...

Nobody has commented because they are either too busy to read or they are sick, which everyone seems to be.

And notice please, that I am even a failure at being a hard worker--I can't accomplish the ridiculous work that I TRY to do at home.

Oh well, there is always blogging and TV watching to fall back on . . . oh, wait, you don't get paid for that do you?