Saturday, January 22, 2005

Whole lotta trouble & deeper in debt

No, this is not a post about money troubles (again). I did that last weekend. Also, if you recall, the story wasn't about having money but was about tracking it effectively.

This post is about my brother Muleskinner's new band--16 Tons.

You can visit the band's website.

Muleskinner was in another band a while back . . . the Dappled Grays. They put out an excellent CD. And now he is part of this new band. Even without hearing them play, which I would love to do except I am in Ohio and they play in Georgia, I can promise you that they are good. Muleskinner has never been in a bad band and I have no reason to believe that he would do so now.

So, if you are ever in the vicinity of Athens, GA . . . go to the website and check their schedule. You will have a good time listening to good music.

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