Friday, December 24, 2004

Scenes from a South Georgia Walmart

We drove down to Tifton yesterday.
Bright, sunny, a bit of rain. Temperature? Around 45 at the coldest.
A far sight different than Ohio, that's fur sure.
(Quick aside: the Blogger spell checker thinks Tifton should be replaced with Tibetan. Not even close Google, but thanks for trying.)

Today we went to the local Super Walmart to try and get some last minute present shopping done. We were somewhat successful. Really it wasn't as bad as my dad and mom would have me believe. It didn't seem any more crowded than any other Walmart at any other time.

The other thing going on is that I am now obsessing about the condition of our home back in Ohio. Because of our rapid departure, we didn't do anything about dripping the outside water or shutting off the water or anything. So, we are afraid that there is an outside chance we will come home to a house full of water damage due to bursting pipes.

We didn't turn the heater off, so the indoor pipes will probably be okay--except for the fact that our power might be off due to outages all over the central Ohio area.

All of this is speculation right now and we are getting a neighbor to check the outside faucets and get it dripping. But it grates a bit. At first we were heroes for escaping before the storm. Now we might look like galumphing doofuses for forgetting something like that.

BUT . . . life moves on as it must. We will deal with what awaits us when we return.

Right now I am visiting my sister, who recently moved back down to Georgia. Her family has a very nice, spacious house and we are planning to all take our kids to a kids Christmas service at the Episcopal church across from their house. Then back to mom and dad's house tonight for barbecued chicken and a nice Christmas eve. I expect some Fred Waring will be played at some point.

You do know that you are in south Georgia when you heard a lot of "ain't that right?"'s coming out of peoples mouths as they talk to people about stuff.

The old hometown doesn't seem changed that much. And we do come back about twice a year to visit, so its not like lots of radical things have been going on. I went to the mall to do some shopping and remembered riding my bike there as a kid to buy REM cassette tapes and stuff like that. But most things are the same. Traffic seem a bit worse, but it is still bright and rainy at Christmas time--not really cold at all.

I'll post more later. I hope you are all enjoying your holidays, wherever you are.

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