Friday, December 03, 2004

A new Omnimedia post

Is anyone reading "WWYG Omnimedia?"

Do you find it useful, interesting? I would appreciate a bit of feedback when you have the time.

And for those of you who are members of Omnimedia, please post a review of a recent movie, or something that you want to share. I know that Spec has his own page, so I don't want to discourage what he is putting on there, nor do I want Flipper to stop doing her thing, or Lulu hers.

But, some other of you regular readers don't have their own blog, so feel free to take advantage of this one.

My most recent addition is here and it involves someone else's opinions and fears regarding Lost. (Twin Peaks fans might feel the anxiety.)

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Jack Thunder said...

...well, of course i'd be the first one to say something...
yes, i read this blog a lot. tho there isn't much to read. this blog was never meant to be especially personal. it is not meant to supplant Lulu's, Spec's, or anyone elses blog. it was just meant as a repository of cultural review and discussion.
and i KNOW there are a lot of things floating in our circle that could be reviewed.
for example, i know one of you has read or is reading Clinton's "My Life." i would love to hear some impressions of that.
we heard a review of "The Incredibles," but what about the recent viewing of "National Treasure"?? was it good or Bruckheimeriffic or craptastic? and what about Nicolas Cage? why can we rip on Halle Berry and Adrien Brody for selling out or doing crap movies (that's not just me, is it?), while Cage, a Best Actor winner himself (1995), can do any crapflic he wants? but maybe the movie was great. i need to know...

i promise i'll review the next movie i see, which will be in about 6 hours.