Sunday, May 24, 2020


How is your Memorial Day weekend going along?
Today has been a pretty relaxing day but I'm craving some potato chips right now. (Not that you really needed to know that, but I thought I would let you in on that little secret. And the reason I'm craving chips at all is because I just watched a Bon Appetit YouTube in which Claire (the Gourmet Makes host tried to recreate Pringles). 

Do you watch Bon Appetit? That has been one of the new entertainment additions of mine during the COVID quarantine. Grace watched it a lot and I started watching Gourmet Makes. It's a fun twist on How Its Made and Unwrapped and other food-related shows that I like to watch. And once you start watching one personality, its easy to start watching some others.

So . . . yeah. Maybe I'll eat some potato chips soon.

But, what else is happening?

I went for a walk today and that was nice. After so much rain this past week, it has been nice to see the sun and even feel some warmth. But since the Highlands Pool has announced that it won't be opening to the public this summer, I wonder if I'll be setting up the sprinkler in the yard to help cool off? But if I do that, then I would need to prevent people from playing in the water and violating my quarantine.

Speaking of food . . . Lynda and Hannah are attempting to make an extremely difficult pastry from the Great British Baking Show: religieuse. (see above) 

(If they make it out of the kitchen alive and still loving one another, then good for them. I don't even care how it tastes.) 


Two other things:

1. You have tonight and sometime tomorrow--until I decide to shut down the Google form and make my reveal video--to cast your final votes on #OfficialHat2020.  You can vote here.

2, My kids spent the morning making an online personality quiz. It is based on Avatar: The Last Airbender . . . because why not? Click here to take the quiz. They designed the concept. They chose the characters. They wrote the questions. They wrote the copy. I like it and I liked the result that I got. Click here to go and enjoy.

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