Monday, May 18, 2020


True story . . . I knew that I hadn't posted about the #HatofSummer voting in a while. But I hadn't realized how much time remained before the voting officially closes for this year.
And, my friends, it is only a few more days to be honest! Because when I opened up the Google doc and checked the calendar, it dawned upon me that Memorial Day is NEXT MONDAY.

And that means you only have one more week to cast your vote that determines #OfficialHat2020.

I realize that this is not the most important thing occupying your mind these days. Heck, as you can clearly tell, it is not the most important thing occupying MY brain these days. But we cannot let these important rituals fall away during this time of crisis. If I cannot turn to you, my digital faithful, and ask you to spend your off-hours time mindlessly clicking away to determine my hot weather head gear . . . well, then what are we all fighting for in the first place? What joys and pleasures remain?

So, please . . . take some time today, tonight, tomorrow, and every day between now and next Monday clicking away. You can choose between the current leader--the often overlooked Ireland hat--or this year's upstart challenger--the Martin BBQ Joint hat.

Go here ( to keep on voting.

(Remember that this shows all of the votes that were collected by all of the hats initially on offer this year. Only the top two vote winners remain to be voted on. The Ireland hat has received 41% of the total votes cast throughout the campaign period. The Martins BBQ has is second with just over 29% of the other votes cast.)

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