Saturday, March 21, 2020


Now is the time for you to get worried.

It's been over a week of self-isolation and why you might ask, is NOW the time? Well, I am going to spend my Saturday rearranging furniture, using a measuring tape, and trying to be a general handy-man. So, even if you have more equilibrium to not worry for yourself--you might want to spare a little concern for me. I might end the day trapped under a relocated couch or something. Me and homework (non-office edition) are NOT friendly.

So--why and what?

We are preparing to turn our home into office/school for the foreseeable future. Sarah begins her digital classes at CCAD next week. Grace helped move her out of her dorm on Friday afternoon. And while we went through this last summer during the break, this is different. She's home physically, but mentally she'll need to be in school mode. Just like Lynda and I are home but also at work, so must she be. And--to varying degrees--so much Grace and Hannah be.

To help provide Sarah some studio space to work, we are going to consider some furniture adjustments. Originally my idea was just to move her paints and materials and whatever down into the basement. And that is the simplest, quickest option. But as I lay in bed this morning I started dreaming up other considerations. Maybe Sarah shifts over to the sitting area by our fireplace where there is more natural light. That would mean moving the couches out of that area to give room for a table--either our current breakfast table or the larger one from the basement. So maybe that means that the (current) breakfast nook gets turned into a sort of relaxation, sitting area and some of the smaller couches/loveseats shift there? (That is why I've got the tape measure out--to judge lengths and such.)

Lynda--who has been mostly in the basement--may now move up to the bedroom where she can be on conference calls undisturbed. But that means moving around desks from the kid's rooms to give her space. And that means moving the recliner out of the bedroom and elsewhere?

There are lots of permutations running through my head right now and I'm sure I won't be fully happy with any of them. But at the same time, I can see it generating some excitement and creativity this weekend. It's the sort of project that can get people involved and bring out personalities and ideas and new ways of thinking. Now if all of that can be sprinkled with a bit of patience and some helping hands?

Let's hope that it works out. I'll let you know how it turned out in the coming days. If you don't hear from me, then that means I've probably broken a leg or an arm or something.

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