Monday, March 23, 2020


The #HatofSummer journey continues today as my struggle for sanity goes on.

I've made it out of the basement. But the dangers of the outside world continues to overwhelm.

But no matter what is going on with me, I hope that you are having a better time with your days. Hannah and I took a walk in the chilly (but non-rainy!) afternoon. And we ordered out lunch today from Uptown Deli and Brew--the first time we've ordered other food since all of this began. It was delicious and a sort of weird morale boost for all of us. We cautioned the kids that we won't be doing it all the time, but it is meaningful to help out the small businesses who are in need right now and we can use the connection to the outside world. (And yes, I know that sounds weird. But it is still true.)

The workweek ahead is going to be demanding one with lots of deadlines and tasks to manage from one day to the next. Balanced with Sarah trying to enter back into the work of her Sophomore Spring semester after an extended break period. But she will be doing it from our house with us and trying to figure out how it can be done digitally and remotely. Grace and Hannah actually have their official Spring Break this coming week, so I expect they will be getting very bored very quickly. And now that Governor DeWine has put more restrictions into place, that will make it even harder to find alternative activities.

And yet, our communities can give us strength. Our friend groups, our churches, our organizations are all still there. And the problems and tasks that we are all connected to remain. We will find new ways to participate. We will find better ways to contribute. And we will see what truly matters and ensure that the work that we do is for the best.

Enjoy today's video!


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