Friday, March 20, 2020


Yesterday I kicked off the #HatofSummer campaign with the "get-excited" video. (Are you thus excited?)

Today we have the first hat-specific video--a returner from last year's 2019 campaign--the Harry Potter and the Sacred Text cap.

I will be releasing a new video each day featuring a new hat focus. But even though a video is coming out one day at a time, you can go to the Google page and start voting for any hat starting today.

A reminder of the most important rules:

1. There is no limit on voting.

2. All votes must be cast on the Google Form page in the information panel of each video and below.

Enjoy, everyone . . .  and DON'T FORGET TO VOTE!

VIdeo Info:
If you want the Harry Potter and the Sacred Text hat to be my #OfficialHat2020, vote for it on the #HatofSummer Google Voting page. Vote for your #HatofSummer choice here: Hats of Summer 2020 playlist: Official Hats of Summer (full) playlist:

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