Saturday, March 27, 2010

My Hellmouth theory vindicated

On Tuesday's I watch LOST and usually tweet some of my reactions to the episode.

This past week, for the Richard Alpert "Ab Aeterno" episode, I ended this ritual with a reaction to the metaphor that the island is a corked bottle of wine, keeping the evil at bay with a firm stopper.

And, as a good fan of TV, I reacted thusly:

Hey Buffy fans! I got it! The Island = The Hellmouth!!! #4815162342 #fb
I say this because I want to claim (in as slight a way as I can) a bit of a share of the credit for this "Doc" Jensen column that says what I said, but in a much more complete fashion.

And I also wanted to provide this very nice YouTube clip that visually says what I said, but in a much more fun way:

(Yeah, I know that the video is also at the end of Jensen's column, but you need to enjoy it.)

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