Monday, March 08, 2010

LOST Links (preemptive strike edition)

As you may remember, last week I went into a LOST episode flying nearly blind--meaning that I had not read articles about it ahead of time. I didn't know who the episode focused on (helped by--for once--intelligent promos from ABC that didn't go into excruciating detail), I didn't read internet articles ahead of time, and I generally relaxed and let it wash over me.

And while it didn't make the episode a transcendent experience, I did enjoy the ability to enjoy everything as a brand new experience.

Time and schedule may mean that I do a similar thing this week. As of this sitting at the keyboard (7:17 pm on Monday night) I can't tell you anything about tomorrow night's episode. But what I can do is provide you some interesting reflections on last week's episode and on LOST in general.

I first read this author's posts for the "Lighthouse" episode a few weeks ago and I was struck with how nicely the arguments were put together. I recommend (unread!) this one for last week's "Sundown" as well.

As I've told you before, blogger "fishbiscuit"'s super detailed LOST recaps are an acquired taste. But if you've got twenty minutes to spare, you are guaranteed to read something you probably won't find anywhere else and may encounter thoughts like nothing you've seen . . . regarding LOST as least. Here is one for "Lighthouse," since I can't remember if I provided it last time round. And here is one for last week's "Sundown" episode.

Here's an odd new link that I don't usually provide--a audio podcast (and from a normally sport-related source, no less). Last week ESPN's Bill Simmon's held one of his semi-regular chats with one of my favorite writers, Chuck Klosterman. In the nearly two hour podcast--split into two parts--they discussed everything from racism in the NBA to Twitter to I don't even remember it all. I recommend the entire two parts just because Klosterman is always interesting and thoughtful. But if you are only interested in the last twenty minutes or so where they discuss LOST in general, follow this link for part two and fast forward the audio to the 18 minute mark.

And then let's jump quickly from audio to video. Many of the LOST actors met up with Exec. Producers Cuse and Lindelof last week in Los Angeles for Paleyfest. There fans and others quizzed them about LOST and generally celebrated the show and the creativity behind it all. I havent' spent time reviewing the videos linked here, but I'm betting there are some interesting questions and thoughtful responses from a good group of actors. And there are probably some good laughs spread out in there as well. Follow this link for a series of YouTube videos capturing most (if not all) of the session. And beware of possible spoilers, though they might be out of date depending upon when you watch the material on the link?

And beyond those links, I always check in with "Doc" Jensen's coverage on Entertainment Weekly. And many, many other Web sites are also doing good stuff with LOST, such as Alan Sepinwall and the A.V. Club. (Thanks, Chris!)

Well, you get the idea.

Happy linkage! And please let me know your opinions.

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