Monday, February 01, 2010

My LOST drinking game

Tomorrow is the premiere of the final season of LOST, as I believe I've mentioned more than once in this space. Now, to catch you up on all that you need to know, I'm going to provide some helpful links for you.

If you simply can't wait until Tuesday night at 9, there is a YouTube video that shows the opening minutes of the first Season 6 episode, "LA X." I'm providing a link to it here, but you've got to understand that this is a severe spoiler warning. I restrained my urge to watch, as I am holding out to be pure for tomorrow night.

Here is a list of crucial questions that fan sites have compiled in the hopes that these mysteries are answered by the show creators before this season is over.

I have really enjoyed these graphic art posters representing LOST. If you are looking for some last minute decorations for your LOST party, these posters would be a great start. If you don't like those, there are always more pieces of art to enjoy here.

Here's another video that shows the original LOST plane crash that started it all in a split screen montage that mimics the FOX show "24."

One of the promo pictures for LOST coming up to this week was an image based on DaVinci's "Last Supper." You can see one version of the cast picture from this link. I'm sure that Dan Brown could find all sorts of symbolism in this image--and I'm sure there are clues there left by ABC. But I'll let you find them. There was an original version of the Last Supper image and you can see that one here. See the differences? What does it all mean? Well, I'm sure EW's Jeff "Doc" Jensen can explain it all.

And that's enough of that.

Now . . . on to the other thing I wanted to provide to you in this post: my completely made up version of a great LOST drinking game . . . guaranteed to enhance your enjoyment of any episode of LOST.

Directions:  For each item listed, please take one drink. UNLESS the number in parentheses indicates a more significant amount of drinking to be made, due to the cosmic importance of the statement/concept in question.

All contestants must drink:
1. every time some one talks about their destiny.
2. whenever someone says "Live together, die alone."
3. whenever Hurley says "Dude." (I'd make this equal more than 1 drink, but I want you to be sober enough to remember the episode.)
4. anytime Jack or Sawyer fight about who loves Kate more. (2)
5. anytime Kate changes her mind about who she loves more--Jack or Sawyer. (2)
6. whenever Jack confidently predicts that his plan will save everyone.
7. anytime large groups of people march en masse from one location--usually the beach--to another--usually somewhere inland. (This is almost exclusively confined to season premieres and season-ending episodes.)
8. whenever Ben intentionally lies about something. (2)
9. whenever Richard talks about their "leader."
10. whenever Sun/Jin talk about reuniting with Jin/Sun.
11. anytime the Smoke Monster appears, does something completely insane, and no one knows what the hell just happened. (2)
12. whenever Miles sarcastically questions the validity of a decision that has just been made.
13. if someone mentions The Numbers. (3)
14. if Desmond tells Penny that "he'll never leave her again." (2)
15. if Ben and Charles Widmore make sinister allusions to The Rules and who violated The Rules last time. (2)
16. if Rose & Bernard appear onscreen. (4!)
17. if Rose, Bernard, & Vincent the dog appear on screen. (6!)
18. if a DHARMA video is used to provide crucial information. (3)

And, that's all that I'm going to spend time thinking about tonight. Have fun everyone and remember, no wagering!

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