Thursday, February 11, 2010


I am not in a good mood right now.

  • I'm putting a useless amount of pressure on myself for stuff going on at work that I should give too much influence to.
  • I haven't given myself enough time to sleep lately.
  • The large amount of snow might be giving me cabin fever . . . if I was well known for going outside on a regular basis to exercise.
  • Lynda and I hurried through the final episodes of "Avatar: The Last Airbender" and now I'm mired in the post-story absence.
But, speaking of The Last Airbender, I finally found the movie clip that was shown on Super Bowl Sunday that I mentioned in my WWYG?! post of a few days ago. I do hope the movie turn out to be good. You never can tell with these things and I really want it to be well done. The story deserves a competant, respectful story and the characters in the story deserve to be presented well.

And that is all I think I'll say tonight.

I do realize that I didn't post my "LOST Links" post after Tuesday night's episode. (One week and I'm already not living up to my promises!) But I can only plead that I've been thinking about work a lot and not spending time searching for the summaries and recaps that form the content. I may try to put something together before next Tuesday's episode, but in the meantime, search around the Internet for expert opinions. I did tweet several different things while the episode was airing live on Tuesday, so slid your cursor up to the top of the WWYG?! page, click on the newly created WWY Twitter PAGE and review my thoughts from a few days ago.

And now . . . that is really all I'm saying tonight.


(A few minutes later . . . )

Well, it turns out there were more trailers out there than I was aware of.

I went to the official movie site and located a different trailer with a few additional scenes that I hadn't seen before.

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