Friday, February 26, 2010

A full week

It's been a busy but successful week so far.

The pace at work is continuing to be slightly below breakneck, but always with the potential to shift into that mode with little or no notice. The work and the concepting and everything is fun, new, challenging, stressful, complicated . . . and (I hope, hope, hope) rewarding in the end. I'll continue to keep you posted in the most oblique, vague way possible.

In other news, I attended two (count 'em . . . two) separate "bible" studies this week. I put Bible in parentheses because in neither case are we focused solely on the Bible proper. In fact, no small group that I have been a part of in my adult life only read/discussed the Bible. Rather we read other books, usually religious in nature--but not always--and discuss. Currently I am attending a new Lenten group at church that is reading The Return of the Prodigal Son: A Story of Homecoming. While this is one of the most common subjects of small group study, since we all stray down ill-chosen paths, this particular book is distinctive in that it uses the Rembrandt painting as a focal point for the author's review of the parable text. We've only had one session so far but I think it's going to be a good time for pausing for some necessary reflection with good people and lots of good opinions.

My other small group is the one that the family has been going to for years and years. These are many of the people that we have known here in town since we first moved to Ohio over twelve years ago. Though we don't all go to the same church anymore, we are trying to stay in touch with these weekly (or semi-monthly as schedules allow) gatherings. Good times for sure.

What else has gone on? Well, LOST treated me with another excellent episode this past Tuesday. While very little could have lived up to the excellent episode of the previous week, "The Lighthouse" was really well done. Anything that gives me lots of Hurley can't be very disappointing. And while Jack was his typical impulsive self (Stop smashing up the magical items before we get time to examine them more Jack!), we got to revisit old haunts (the caves!) and enjoy a well-developed Sideways story on a better version of Jack. Well, the SidewaysJack eventually ended up being better once he allowed himself to acknowledge the fact of his teenage son. I'll work on some links to provide before next Tuesday's new episode.

Tomorrow we will be trying to fit lots of stuff in: taking Grace to a dress rehearsal of her upcoming play "Charlie and the Hot Chocolate Factory," going to a birthday party (and finding a present tomorrow morning!), hoping to pick up the station wagon that I dropped off at the service station tonight (wonder what's making that knocking sound?), and fitting in some other stuff besides. Maybe we'll even find some time to relax . . . but perhaps the laundry might have something to say about that.

And I guess that is good enough for tonight. Nothing thematically coherent . . . but at least its something new.

Thanks for stopping by.

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Sven Golly said...

One thing I miss about serving on the flagship is the regular doses of obIique vagueness. I could also use a little concepting, so clearly I'm due for a catch-up conversation, so my issues can match wits with your issues in an epic battle of the ill-chosen paths. The talking laundry is a nice touch, but personally I think thematic coherence is highly overrated.