Monday, November 30, 2009

November goes out with a whimper?

I don't know . . . Maybe it went out with a bang? I know I feel like I've been banged over the head repeatedly the last few days.

Lynda's parents visited over the Thanksgiving weekend--but that's not the source of my stress. Though the Thompsons weren't feeling great themselves, so it wasn't a Rockwell thanksgiving or anything. But everyone had time to rest, a bed to sleep in, and no one lacked for turkey, stuffing, potatoes, pumpkin pies, cookies, cake, and other food. So, in that sense, it was the perfect American Thanksgiving.

Rather, my troubles--and more importantly--Lynda's troubles began on Saturday. Lynda's has been laid up in bed since then. No one has said so aloud, but given that she had a regular flu vaccine, I can guess that she has been suffering from H1N1. (But I'm no doctor and she hasn't been to one.) All I know for sure is a.) She's been immobile for days, b.) she's had high fevers, c.) she's been achy, and d.) I blame anything to do with Black Friday.

You see, she was okay until she went shopping that day. And since I blame whatever I can on this terrible idea for a shopping experience, I'm gonna say it got Lynda (and her Mom apparently) sick.

So, since Saturday I've been taking care of the rest of the family. And when Hannah started getting fevers on Sunday . . . well, I knew I'd be taking Monday off as well. Asxtiring and as stressful as it has been, the girls have been understanding. When I served up a pot roast last night--because it could cook all day without my help--they ate bits of it with good grace and understanding, even if it's not their favorite. And they helped me decorate the interior for Christmas on Sunday as well. We maintained our own odd holiday tradition by listening to Jingle Spells and Jingle Spells 2 while we worked. (If you don't know what these albums are, you should look them up. It's quirky and distinctive, but all family traditions begin from somewhere interesting.)

Now I'm in the library lobby tapping this out on my phone while I wait for Grace's Daisy Scout meeting to finish. Lynda is able to be up a bit more, so I left her alone while Hannah slept. But Lynda won't be at work tomorrow either and since Hannah is going to get worse before getting better, I may be out again tomorrow as well.

Just because the calendar says a new month means nothing to the body after all.

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