Thursday, November 12, 2009

ABCs Updated

A is for Apple, but not that kind . . . this kind.

B is for blog.

C is for corporation.

D is for DVR.

E is for easy. It's what we all want.

F is for Facebook.

G is for Google.

H is for hybrids, the kind that you drive.

I is for interstate. Because we won't be flying hybrids Jetsons-style anytime soon.

J is for Jayne.

K is for Klosterman. Read him . . . you'll see.

L is for LOST, the best show on TV.

M is for Mad Men . . . also quite good, don't you agree?

N is for namaste.

O is for obsolete. (Read C to wonder why?)

P is for podcast, but Pixar's also fine.

Q is for quarrels. Something that happens too much.

R is for RSS. It's for reading and such.

S is for sweater vest. Because that's where it's at!

T is for Twitter. I'm already down with that.

U is for unique. It's what we all want to be.

V is for vampires. 'Cause they're so hot right now.

W is for Wright. Because some things never stop being hot.

X is for Xtreme? My favorite . . . it's not.

Y is for YouTube because it's okay to watch.


Z is for zeitgeist. (Because that's what this shows? Or maybe not . . . who knows?)

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