Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Fast Food: Maybe You're Dead to Me Now

I am sure that my many sophisticated readers will have already reached this conclusion and so nothing that I will present here tonight will be revelatory in any way . . . but, I think I'm finally done with fast food.

At least I'm done with the ordinary, historic burger joints: McDonalds, Burger King, Wendys.

I took the kids to BK tonight and it just wasn't a satisfying food experience. Sure, keeping up with the kids and battling the fact that Hannah first poured milk on her jacket and then dumped a lot of the rest on the table didn't help things. Add to that the realization that Grace was more interested in playing on the playground than in eating her food.

Well, I should have chosen my usual Burger King option--the oblong chicken sandwich, which is usually good. Instead, I went with one of the new "speciality" burgers, some sort of Steakhouse thing. It had some fried onion things that were nicely crunchy and a sauce that had some bleu cheese flavoring. But the burger patty was large, squarish, and burned on the edges. It was served on a bakery roll. The fries were nicely crunchy. (I've been a fan of the BK fry recipe for several years.) But they were very salty and I am still tasting the salt in my mouth four-and-a-half hours later.

It was just an unappetizing experience. And as I reflected on it later in the night I found that I just haven't enjoyed my fast food experiences the last several times I have gone. Now I am not saying that I would never eat in a place that isn't a sit down place, but there are so many quick specialty restaurants now that serve food with more pizazz than burgers and fries . . . I can just do better. Why not get noodles at Noodles & Co. or Pei Wei? Panera has lots of satisfying choices and even Chipotle is pretty good.

So . . . see you later fast food burgers. I won't be eating at your place very much any more.


Mama R. said...

I wholeheartedly support your pledge of avoidance! We have also tried to swear off fast food joints on more than one occasion. But somehow we are weak and find ourselves back there again. So stay strong and good luck. Happy Thanksgiving!

Sven Golly said...

My belief that we are kindred spirits is hereby reinforced, augmented, strengthened, and supersized.