Saturday, August 29, 2009

Saturday afternoon

Took Hannah on a bike ride this afternoon using the pull-behind rig that we bought a few weeks ago from one of the homes in our neighborhood. It was on the side of the road for about ten minutes and we quickly turned around and snatched it up.

But we went down to the park and played for a while and then we checked out the possibility of bike locks at the Sears Hardware near the park.

Lynda spent some time laboriously sewing the patches on the new Junior Girl Scouts sash uniform that Sarah is now using. She also had to put some patches on Grace's Daisy vest. I also downloaded the Pandora app for my phone today and, frankly, I can't believe I never did it before today. It's all thanks to a conversation I had about the service from REA yesterday at work. It is always serving up music based on a particular artist or genre that I select. And it works better than trying to connect and stream my iTunes files from my laptop.

Again, why did I wait so long?

ANYWAY . . .

I'm pretty much rambling right now, so I'll cut this short. I've got several ideas for other blog posts, but they require some research and more thought than I feel like committing to right now. (And I'm trying not to think about how I haven't even started researching for my Fall TV posts. I'm down to about a week to go before the first new shows start appearing, so it's almost now or never. And considering that these posts are the only things I've ever done consistently on the blog over the years (and the only things I've been asked to write), I feel a strong responsibility to do it.

So, that is coming up.

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