Friday, August 21, 2009

John Green's Infinite Summer

I don't think I've mentioned the Infinite Summer project here on WWYG?!, though I think I have tweeted about it on my Twitter account. I do know that I have spend more time than you want me to writing about John Green and Nerdfighters in the last several months.

The Infinite Summer project gathers readers of David Foster Wallace's Infinite Jest and asks them all to read on a schedule and then connects them all at the Infinite Summer Web page for guest essays and forum discussions. I have read IJ twice, but I am not participating in this project because:

a.) I would never keep up
b.) I am now dropping in voyeuristically at my own choosing to get half-assed exposure to an excellent attempt at Web 2.0 social media.

(I am at work now and will not spend the time going back and providing hyperlinks to the many instances of my posts that described my growing interest in Green, the Vlogbrothers, YouTube culture, and Nerdfighting. Nor will I provide you with a link to the aforementioned Infinite Summer Web page. Part of Web 2.0 is making you--the increasingly frustrated reader of WWYG--take action. So, search away!)

ANYWAY . . . would you be interested in the colliding of Green and Infinite Summer? You would? Well, then, have some of this.

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