Sunday, January 25, 2009

My Town Terrace memories

If James Lileks and I were friends, I would surely have informed him about The Town Terrace, a 1950s style motor court in my hometown of Tifton, Georgia.

The Town Terrace has been around since before I was born. It earned its mid-century decor the honest way. The rumor that surrounded the place was that the widowed owner of the place, Violet Van Gundy, used to play Darla of Little Rascals fame when she was a young girl in the 1930s.

It turns out that rumor was partially correct, if this newspaper article is any indication.

I think Mr. Lileks would really enjoy the Town Terrace, and might even want to put it in his Web page on similar hotels of the era. He does have a Georgia section, but it doesn't feature this particular place.

But I have my own reasons for liking The Town Terrace. It was my home for approximately a month and a half during the summer of 1995. You can read all about it here. (Ultimately, this is the whole point of this entire series of links and posts, so please make sure that you read this one at least. Thanks.)

Maybe I'll let Lileks know about the place. And if he likes it, perhaps I can tell him about another place I know that fits a different Web site of his. But that is another post at another time.

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David said...

Turns out, as you saw if you followed the newspaper link, that the Darla rumor was misleading. Violet Van Gundy played "Baby Violet", NOT Darla on The Little Rascals.
But maybe she puked on Darla once?