Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Breaking News: LOST premiere tonight

Yeah, I know . . . you already know this if you've been around me lately.

But I needed a reason to have two posts today, prior to tonight's three-hour event.

Hour 1: (8 pm) The now traditional (and mockable) "recap" episode that attempts to catch you up on the twists and turns and blind alleys and UN of characters for the past four years. All in 45 minutes! Probably complete with cheesy voiceover introductions. If you have to miss something, miss this first hour.

Hour 2: (9 pm) The first episode of Season 5 begins. I won't go into plot because I don't have that kind of time now and because I've avoided spoilers. I can tell you the episode is called "Because You Left."

Hour 3: (10 pm) The SECOND episode of Season 5 will be shown. It is entitled "The Lie."

I'll be Twittering my thoughts later in the night as I watch, but it'll probably be delayed since I am scheduled to attend a bible study group tonight and might not get back home until 9:30. Which means I'll have to wait until 11 pm to begin watching and won't go to bed until 1 am?

And I've got eye surgery tomorrow morning.


Maybe I can talk Lynda into letting me stay home from group tonight?

Well, anyway, just enjoy and you'll catch up to what I'm writing later.

Because of the surgery and whatever else is happening tonight, Thursday's post might not be up at 7 am. But I'll find time to post something before the day is over. I can't let my streak end now.

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David said...

I decided NOT to Twitter my thoughts as I watched. (Sorry.)

The premiere eps. were very good. I'll have more to say after I think some more and get done with today's surgery.

I'll leave for now with a lament to Frogurt.

sniff. It WAS Neil.