Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Worth one penny

I was in a bit of a funk this past weekend. Looking back at it today (as I succumb to a runny nose ), I am sure it was the beginnings of my current cold. But then it was just a general weariness and a headache that went on and off. I thought my body rhythms were slipping into preparation for gray skies and winter temperatures.

These feelings tended to cause me to be short with the kids and be in a generally bad mood. Poor parenting form, I admit . . . but it's in the past now.

Things improved a bit on Sunday, however. The weather was nice, sunny, the temperatures moderate. And I got outside after church during the afternoon to enjoy it. True, part of that "enjoyment" involved cutting the grass in the backyard, but at least I didn't sweat through my clothes or anything. (I had not wanted to cut the grass any more when I did it last two weeks ago and intentionally folded up the handle in an attempt to indicate that I would cut the grass no more forever. But . . . the length of the blades could not be denied and, as I say, the temperatures were moderate.)

So, anyway, I cut the grass and Lynda neatened up various flowerbeds by cutting back dead leaves, tree branches and the like. Once that was done, I even got to help Sarah and Grace practice their bike riding skills--something that I dearly wanted to do, but was determined not to force the issue.) The bike riding has been difficult since I have had very little luck finding reliable training wheels to help stabilize Sarah. Either training wheels are universally crap or we purchased an odd-sized bike that doesn't correspond with mass produced training wheels. Ultimately, it's been harder than it should have been. But Sarah is trying and I'm trying to hold my impatience with the wheels. It'll get worked out in the end . . . or it won't. It's not like kids are lining up around the block to ride bikes anymore, right?

After the brief bike riding session, the girls got all excited to sell lemonade. I know what you're thinking. "Isn't it two months two late to be trying that hoary old trick?" Well, yes, I suppose it is, but you can't deny the kid's entrepreneurial spirit when they are committed. So, we mixed up a batch of Kool-Aid ("Oh Yeah!") and pulled the small table up from the basement. Sarah fashioned a sign and we hit the sidewalk.

No one came by. It was, after all, 5ish on a slow Sunday afternoon. Everyone was watching the New England/Dallas football game, I guess. I hoped that we'd eventually see some runners or dog walkers come by, but nothing materialized. Grace seemed to give up after two minutes, convinced it was all a lost cause, but Sarah didn't want to let go. Besides, we had the whole pitcher of Kool-Aid just sitting there with the Dixie cups and everything. Luckily, the next-door neighbors appeared on their way to dinner and stopped to talk. They gave us some loose change and we drank our way through the pitcher as we talked. It gave the kids a sense of accomplishments, I guess. Anyway, I had a good time and my mood was greatly improved.

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Anonymous said...

A couple of weeks ago and a couple of hours after a trip to the grocery store, I was milling about in a cupboard and, when I saw the nearly empty container of sugar-free Kool-Aid krystals, I said out loud, "Darn it--I forgot to buy Kool-Aid" and, in my best Kool-Aid voice said, "Oh Noooooooo!"

Stevie, who was sitting at the kitchen table, lost it. Couldn't stop giggling! It was hilarious. When my brilliant kid gets my lame, off-the-cuff jokes...bad mood--gone.