Thursday, October 25, 2007

New Blogger feature to pay attention to

Hey everyone.

Just a quick note to point out a new feature on Blogger (generally) but on my site specifically.

If you, like so many of my readers, want to comment on one of my hilarious and insightful posts, but you also want to know what others are saying about the same post--so you can get back into the conversation--there is now a way to do that directly from the comment screen that you are already familiar with.

When you decide to comment on my post next time, down where you select your identity and do the word verification stuff, you'll also see a new field where you can "subscribe" to the comments by inputting a email address. That way, when another comment is added, you will receive notification and will be completely up-to-date.

Previously, this feature was only available to me--the administrator of the blog. But now everyone can enjoy.

You can read more instructions on how to use this via this link. Have fun and I'll here back from you soon.

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