Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Maybe Smallville has portrayed him right these past six years.

(Yes, I'm emulating James Lilek's once again--and the stuff I'm using to do so aren't even originally mine. But then neither were his, I suppose.)

Everyone thinks that Superman is a paragon of truth, justice, the American Way--all the things we wish for in ourselves, our kids, etc.

But, as this website clearly shows, Superman can (and has been) a massive jerk over the years.

1. While what he says about both Lana and Lois being galactically stupid is true, dude could be a bit nicer about it, huh?

2. Superman, criminal mastermind or really over-reacting lover? You be the judge.

3. What's even sadder is that he sometimes gets others to help him in him murderous rages.

4. Sometimes he uses his powers to play with people's needs.

5. Sure, Superman tries to make up for his egregious behaviour by occasionally fighting the good fight, but in the end . . . he's a deadbeat dad like the rest of us. Or he's creating his own international incident.
(Or galactic incident.)

6. There is no way to defend this one. Or this one.

7. He even treats Superman's Best Friend badly. (Another example here.) I would be more upset with this second one, but . . . I'll admit to doing this same thing to a cat once when I was a kid.

8. And once you treat dogs that badly, it doesn't take much to abuse your own children too . . . even your adopted son.

9. I hope the upcoming Supergirl arc on "Smallville" ends just like this.

10. Superman's favorite movie? Fight Club.

11. I know that Superman is an alien from another planet--where they mourn the dead differently?--but didn't Martha and Jonathon raise him better than this? Not that he respected their needs very much.

12. He's become so cavalier about killing and maiming his friends that it seeps from his very clothing.

13. When you're all powerful, you've just got to flaunt it, I guess.

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David said...

I would be remiss if I didn't thank Dr. Actually for clueing me into the site full of all the wonderful Superman covers.

Much thanks, Dr. A!