Tuesday, January 23, 2007

こんにちは、私はmacである。(and other random stuff)

That's right, everyone. WWYG?! is now bilingual! Glare in envy and shake in awe!

But what does it MEAN?

Well, that's easy . . .

It (according to Google's handy translation tool) says "Hello, I'm a Mac!

In (the aforementioned) other random stuff, it's been a hectic few days at work as my workload shifts from one project to the beginnings of three projects at once (now with even more pressure!). And so, I've been alternatively frantic, hectic, sweaty, frantic again, determined, semi-focused, desperate for a distraction, tired, satisfied, uncertain, and probably something else as well. But, today is mostly over and tomorrow it all begins again, and maybe begins better and more clear.

Let's hope.

Adding to the hecticness, Lynda has been burning her own candle at several ends, preparing for a big two-day meeting that she was in charge of organizing, agendaizing, PowerPoint-izing (?), leading, and completing. While she was focused on that for the past several days, I've been trying to maintain homelife to a degree--though not to the level that I did during the Texas days.

For example, yesterday I had leave work early yesterday to get Sarah and Grace from daycare (since school was out yesterday) and get Sarah to her dance class. But after that she wanted to make a snowman, since the snow was too powdery on Sunday to make anything stick. (After a night of drizzle and cold temperatures, it was much icier.)

I've got nothing against making snowmen (though I'm not exactly experienced), but it as going to conflict with my plans for dinner, bath, and whatever else . . . not to mention the fact that it might get dark before we were finished. However, the girls really wanted to do it, so I said okay.

Luckily, Lynda was briefly home before heading back out to the fancy company dinner. Having her help make the work go easier. But the rapidity with which we did it made me think of that series of scenes in Groundhog Day where Bill Murray's character is so desperate to implement all the stuff that he's learned about Andie McDowell in his Perfect Day date that he is rushing through everything at high speed. Well, even if you don't know the scene I mean, it was sort of like that.

The snowman, which Grace (of course) christened "Frosty" wasn't as big as the last snowman we made, but he still takes a good picture.

In other news, today is the day that the Oscar nominations are announced. I didn't even pay attention (and I still don't know which movies won) because I am absolutely certain that I haven't seen any of the movies. In fact, once I started thinking about it, I realized that I couldn't even remember what movies Lynda and I did see in the theater this year.

Naturally, there are many ways to keep up with what happened, and I'm here to provide. If you want to read someone's liveblog of the nominations this morning, I can provide that for you.

And sure enough, I haven't seen a single of the Best Picture nominees. (And I might make as much money as they have combined!)

And on further reflection, the last movie that Lynda and I saw in the theaters was Stranger than Fiction. A good movie and quite possibly the best movie I've seen this year, combining the few we've seen in theaters and those Netflix has been good enough to send me.

So, I'm not that jazzed about the Oscars this year. Hopefully the return of LOST will give me something to be jazzed about in the upcoming weeks.

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