Friday, January 12, 2007

"Killing me won't bring back your damn honey!"

I know, I know . . .

My posts haven't been very original lately, meaning they haven't been very introspective or especially about ME. They've been about stuff that I read or saw that I wanted to share and pass along.

I haven't even commented about those items very much.

Truth be told, my posts have been pretty random and surreal in nature.

Well, I'm sorry about all of that, but this post will be no different.

Before you give up in disgust, you have to understand that I have NO CHOICE but to pass this one along.

This YouTube video, which I read about on Popwatch this evening is EASILY the funniest thing that I have witnessed in weeks. I haven't seen The Wicker Man--though all accounts say the original movie and last year's Nicolas Cage remake are equally bad--but the random collection of movie clips assembled by this YouTuber is so funny my stomach hurt for several minutes and I was crying.

(Ask Lynda, she'll tell you that she was worried about me.)

Please, just watch it. I hope you can get a good laugh out of it.

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