Thursday, January 11, 2007

Ahnuld the Snowman

If you never ever listen to another episode of This American Life, you really should link to this one (January 3, #323) and listen to the second story "Super Duper."

I really don't want to spoil it for you, so please take the time at home to plug in and marvel.


Jack Thunder said...

1) thanks for the heads-up on this. i'm downloading it right now. i have been getting them since you alerted me to the show's new free access. i think it's only free (or at least available?) for one week, though.
i'm trying to save some for an upcoming roadtrip. so i'm not sure if i'll listen to this one right away.

2) thanks for the iPhone post, too. the Apple website user guide killed 20 or 30 minutes of my time, yesterday. i've heard the iPhone can also jumpstart your car if your battery is dead. and it'll automatically order a pizza for you while you wait. and it'll automatically capture the video of the event and let you live-blog about the experience.

3) i looked at your wishlist for the first time, today. i'm not trying to buy you anything, or anything, but it was awfully small. i've heard the iPhone reads your mind and creates better wishlists for you. you should do that.

David said...

Jack . . .

My wishlist was depleted by Christmas generosity. I am sure (given my avaricious nature) that it will expand over time.

Re. the This American Life podcast, why don't you subscribe to it via iTunes? That way, it'll automatically be delivered to your iTunes program when it is available and you won't need to worry about missing one.

(That's what I do with all my podcasts.)

Jack Thunder said...

well, technically i "subscribe," but it only works if i turn on iTunes regularly. otherwise, it won't be able to download the new stuff.

i recently had an experience where iTunes stopped updating my subscribed-to podcasts. i kept hitting Refresh, but it wouldn't download anything new. after a month or so, i clicked on one of them, to see if i could get more info (because Heaven forbid if a Mac application ever tell you something it's doing) and it said something like "You are no longer receiving podcasts because you have failed to listen to recent ones. Do you wish to continue receiving new . . . " well, duh. i wish i had an iPhone there to defend me. it would have set iTunes straight and then made me some hot chocolate.