Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Serving the gifted and enjoying the weather

The last few days (specifically Tuesday and Wednesday) I have been attending an OAGC conference (the Ohio Association of Gifted Children). In my role as a creator and shaper of educational materials, I tried to gather information about how teachers are trying to strategize the teaching of advanced learners and how such strategies and current theories can be adapted to the materials that I help create at the Hill.

It has been interesting and a welcome divergence from the traditional daily grind of the office. I don't really know how much actual concrete stuff I learned that is directly or even partially adaptable to our products, but that is up to me to be creative and suggest a few ideas that I came up with.

The best thing about the last few days is the fabulous weather that we have been enjoying--mid 70s, a slight breeze, sunny, pretty much perfect. Unfortunately, I decided to wait one more week before I try out the tennis court again, but hopefully next week will be fine weather as well. The conference has been clearing out early in the afternoon and so I took advantage this afternoon when I got home early and Tegan and the girls were enjoying the zoo with Nana and Papa (who are visiting) and I took a bike ride.

I have been meaning to try out the bike trails that snake throughout our community ever since we moved here last summer. But, I initially lent my bike to Perk and didn't get it back until this past winter. So this was my first chance to really ride. And man, was it fun.

Hearing the wind whistling, the chain squeaking, the tires rubbing rhythmically against the asphalt. The click of the gears, sounds of kids playing outside as I zoom by. It was a very enjoyable 30 minutes or so as I picked a trail and just took it north and west for a while. I eventually turned back, but it was a great feeling. I hope I find time to do more of it as the weather continues to be good.

In other news, Dr. A pointed out to me a clipping from the local newspaper on Monday. In the interest of full disclosure, I present it here for your edification:
Columbus is providing the backdrop for the latest project for documentary filmmaker Morgan Spurlock, who gained fame--and weight--throughout Super Size Me.
Spurlock and his fiance, Alexandra Jamieson, are working minimum-wage jobs in the city for one month as part of 30 Days, an unscripted documentary-style series.
The couple, who arrived March 6, rented an apartment, then entered the job market.
He is getting assignments with a temporary-staffing agency, and she is washing dishes at a downtown eatery, producer Alan LaGarde said.
A small camera crew accompanies them through their daily routines.
The footage, LaGarde said, will be edited into a one-hour show exploring whether the two can survive in an "average" U.S. city.
Spurlock, who is directing the Columbus installment, will host 30 Days, which is expected to premiere in June on F/X, network spokesman John Salberg said.
The six hours planned--each with a different subject--will include one in which a South Carolina fundamentalist spends four weeks with a Muslim family in Michigan, he said.
While making Super Size Me Spurlock gained 25 pounds by eating every meal at McDonald's for a month.
He wrote, produced and directed the 2004 movie, which won a Writers Guild of America screenplay award and was nominated for an Oscar as best documentary feature. (--Ellen Dempsey)

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