Friday, April 29, 2005

A House in Wind

Here is the latest art offering from my amazing daughter Ariel.

What you see is gigantic flowers mysteriously growing from a body of water. In the water are blue worms. A smallish house with a multi-colored roof (multi-color being a clear marker of Ariel's style) with an attached garage. Entering or exiting (?) the garage is a car which looks a bit like a Toyota Prius van or maybe an Airstream RV. Coming out of the block of blue sky are artistically rendered wind currents.

(All of this was told to me by Ariel, when I asked her to describe the picture. Naturally she didn't talk about the Prius or the Airstream RV--I took the liberties there.)

What impresses me the most is her decision to depict the wind is this fashion. I asked her if she copied this from a book or something she saw previously, but she said that she thought of it on her own.

It kind of reminds me of Kansas--contributed by the yellow paper it was drawn on. It seems sort of desolate and lonely, which I am sure is exactly what Kansas must be like.

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