Thursday, April 28, 2005

A few more WWYG?! tweaks

I want to alert you to a few tweaks that I have made to my blog template, things that I think might make your experience here more enjoyable, more functional, and make you think I am much, much hipper.

a.) At the end of each post I have made two "hacks."

i.) The first change affects the way you view comments. In the past, if a post has any comments you clicked on the comment link and were directed to a separate page to read those comments. Then after reading, you clicked the BACK button on your browser or the Home link to return to my main blog page. Now, to view comments, click on the comment link at the end of the post. Any comments will appear immediately below. After reading, click on the same comment link and the text will hide. I think you will agree that this is a most excellent change.

ii.) The second change is a change in appearance for the Email link. You might not even have known that each post could be emailed--maybe to someone you think might enjoy the post, maybe to someone who hasn't heard of the glories of WWYG?! Previously, the link was a little icon to the right of the comment link, designed to look like an envelope. I don't think everyone knew what this was, so I have changed the format of the link. You can now see that it very clearly says "EmailThis!" To do so, click on the words, follow the instructions on the next page and advertise away. (I and my hit counter thank you in advance.)

b.) The other change is located in the sidebar, to the right of the posts. Here you find my lovely picture, links to my most recent 10 musings, a thumbnail of a book I am currently reading, etc. You can also access my Archives here. It used to be formatted as a rather boring list of the last several months, but I have changed it to be a much more dynamic drop down menu. Click on "Previously on WWYG?!" and select the appropriate month. Want to know what I was writing about in August 2004? Go check it out . . . it was mostly set up for the Fall TV season, but it was still excellently conceived. When you are done reliving the past, hit the back button on your web browser or just click on the title of my most recent post at the top of the sidebar column.

I hope you enjoy these functionality improvements as much as I anticipate. I think they are wicked awesome and promise to keep on finding new superficial ways to gloss over my boring life and inadequate writing style.

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