Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Ohio--Shame of the Nation

The morning has only brought sorrow and anger. No resolution. On the drive to work I heard reports that the margin in Ohio is either 130,000, 140,000, or 150,000. The number of provisional ballots is somewhere around 140,000? But someone did mention overseas ballots that could push the total uncounted ballots to 250,000? Does anyone REALLY know?

Here's what I do know. It would take a lot for all of the unseen ballots to be judged as certified and for most of them to go to Kerry seems difficult. So, we're probably facing 4 more years of W.

What is a certainty however is that the same-sex marriage amendment passed in Ohio and in eleven other places. I have already stated my anger and disappointment over THAT.

What else is certain to me is that several of my friends and colleagues are simply shattered this morning. Lulu says so here if you haven't read it. Flipper is no less worried and more angry. I don't know yet what Jack thinks, but I can guess. But what about my other coworkers who must worry about the state of their (now illegal!!) relationships? What about so many other things? Will this country ever find a way out of this black and white/red and blue/us versus them nightmare that has developed over the last few decades?

Ohio Secretary of State Ken Blackwell claims that all the outstanding ballots will be counted in about 11 days. But then the lawyers get their claws into that decision. And will it matter to anyone?

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