Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Election coverage plans

Hmmm. What should I do?

Well, I am planning to go to my bible study group tonight (as we do most Tuesdays). It probably wouldn't hurt to pray a bit for the prevention of city burning and nationwide looting as votes are tabulated.

But when I get home? Well, I could set up our small TV beside the computer and hopefully get good enough antenna reception to keep up with some of the media reports and blog on it as it occurs.

But, would you guys be reading as I post? No, as you will probably be watching and awaiting the outcome--same as me. So what's the use? Am I gonna stay up until 4 am to see if a clear winner emerges? Probably not . . . and if not, then again, what is the point? Oh well. I'll just see what I feel like doing.

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