Tuesday, November 23, 2004


I sat down and I didn't know what to write about.

That has been a problem for me lately. There are a few reasons for this:

1) I was very sick during the weekend and so that got in the way of some of my regular writing time. Both Tegan and I were laid seriously low by something that I suspect was food poisoning. We went out to eat at Bob Evans on Sunday night. Both of us got salads and about two hours after we got home is when the trouble started. Both of us were up all night long and we stayed home from work on Monday and part of Tuesday as well. But, we hope we are recovered now, just in time for Tegan's parents who are coming up for Thanksgiving (they arrived this afternoon). Yes, that's right, we are hosting our very first Thanksgiving dinner by ourselves.

2) The other reason that I haven't been able to write about much lately is because, let's face it--all that I write about is television and stuff that I read about in magazines. And since I already tell most everyone who reads this blog those same facts over the lunch table, then hey, why go out of your way to read about it?

So, my creativity seems to be in a bit of a dry spell right now. And maybe nobody wants to read about stuff that happens to me. Not when you can go to Lulu's site and read all kinds of interesting (if distressing and sorrow-inducing) stuff that I wouldn't wish on anyone. But it certainly IS compelling--though I wish she didn't have to go through it.

But why should I be surprised that her tales of homelife travails doesn't excite more than my domestic blahs? She is only tapping into the zeitgeist in ways that we all discus at lunch every week. No, she doesn't (always) talk about sex, which the linked article misleads you with the title, but she is baring her own home problems for all to read.

(Please don't take this as a critique of what Lulu is doing, cause it's not. I appreciate her writing and her willingness to share. It was just a way of pulling together a theme for this post. Probably another element of the current zeitgeist is a fear that we must overly apologize for transgressions. We live in such a sensitive and polarized time, or at least that is what we are trained to see and believe.)

So I don't begrudge Lulu her first place in hits (especially since I am basing an entire post around her and will only drive more traffic her way). I have confidence that I will eventually get back on top. And, if for some reason I don't, I can take some (slight) solace in the fact that she wouldn't be ahead of me if I hadn't started blogging first. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, after all.

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